The new issue of Systema celebrates the EMCSR

systema logoWe are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Systema, the open-access journal now published quarterly by the BCSSS.  Systema is the official journal of the EMCSR, and in anticipation of the EMCSR 2014 due to start in two weeks’ time we have dedicated this issue to a special celebration of the previous EMCSR, by publishing selected keynote presentations, award winners, and papers from related symposia.  These articles clearly demonstrate the value of the EMCSR as an event for strengthening and energizing the systems community in their quest to build a thriving eco-civilisation.  We look forward to meeting you at the EMCSR 2014, and to publishing the work of EMCSR contributors in future issues of Systema: connecting matter, life, culture and technology.

With this issue we inaugurate the journal’s renaming to Systema, its new domain name of , and its new editorial positioning as announced in January 2014.  The new positioning is also described on the journal’s website. We believe that the new positioning will enable us to more effectively support and promote the values and objectives of the systems community, and we warmly invite you to strengthen your participation in the work of Systema as we help the systems community to connect matter, life, culture and technology into a whole that is flourishing at all scales and levels.

We want to thank the dedicated team, in particular David Rousseau, who curated this marvelous issue and the overall development of the journal. Your support and enthusiasm made all the difference for this good outcome.

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