Venue 2012

Campus of the University of Vienna Because of construction work still in progress in the main building of the University of Vienna, the Campus was chosen as new venue of EMCSR. The Campus is in 10 minutes walking distance from the main building and offers a lovely ambiente for meetings inside and outside in meeting rooms, restaurants and the park. In former times those buildings formed part of the “Allgemeines Krankenhaus (AKH)” (General Hospital) of Vienna. Thus the lecture halls breathe the atmosphere of an historic medical university department. The registration desk is located in the new Hörsaalzentrum (Lecture Hall Centre). Plena take place in the historic Hörsaal B (Lecture Hall Bwhich is close-by. The parallel sessions of our PhD colloquium and symposia are held in four rooms aside from the Lecture Hall B: the Aula and the three  Seminar Rooms Old Chapel1 and 2; they are all scattered around the Lecture Hall Centre in Court 2 and Court 1. For the coffee breaks we gather at the Lecture Hall Centre. You can have lunch at one of the three restaurants or the café or you can buy something in the on-site supermarket. Download this map as pdf here. The Campus can be entered through several entries. E.g., if you come from Hotel Bleckmann, take the eastern entry at Garnisongasse (coming either through Schwarzspanierstraße or through Lackierergasse); if you come from downtown (Main Building of the University of Vienna, Hotel de France), walk through the Sigmund-Freud-Park in front of the Votiv-Kirche and follow the Universitätsstraße ending in Alser Straße to the south-eastern entry; if you come from the vicinity of the Rathaus, take the same entry or the southern one. Social dinner at The Wolff Weingut According to the tradition of EMCSR we will meet at a typical Viennese wine restaurant. Those restaurants are named after this year’s wine that stems from the recent vintage: “Heuriger”, singular, “Heurigen”, plural (= “this year’s” meaning the wine from one Martinmas to the next). In Vienna those wines are rather dry, white wines. The famous grape is “Grüner Veltliner”. As side dish to the wine they serve a rather heavy meal. The buffet we get is adapted to serve a variety of tastes, though. It is called a “Farmer Style” buffet. You are invited by the Mayor of Vienna and the BCSSS. But you have to show your invitation card you are receiving at the registration desk. Official start is at 20:00! You are kindly asked to organise your trip yourself. Take either means of public transport or a taxi. 1. Public transport: How to get there: By tram No. 38 followed by bus No. 35A. The closest stop to the Campus is “Schwarzspanierstraße” (schwarzspanierstrasse!). Change to the bus at stop “Gatterburggasse” (gatterburggasse!). Get out at stop “Neustift am Walde“. The ride takes about half an hour. How to get back: The bus No. 35A leaves every 15 minutes (until 23:40; after that there is only another one that is convenient at 0:10). Change now at bus stop “Döblinger Gürtel/Glatzgasse” only (glatzgasse!) and take the tram (every line) back. From there you will find your way to your hotel. 2. Taxi: You can order a taxi at your hotel or call +43 1 31 300 or +43 1 40 100. The destination address is Rathstraße 50 in the 19th district of Vienna. For your way back taxis wait close-by. … and other places worth visiting