Call for Symposia 2012 (closed)

The 21st European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research will take place in Vienna, Campus of the University of Vienna, 10–13 April 2012.

Since the meeting is to facilitate self-organisation of researchers for the sake of self-reflection of the field, you are encouraged to suggest symposia around the issues at stake.

Symposia shall not only provide a forum for presenting cutting-edge research findings in a special field. Above all, they shall enable

  • to take a step back,
  • to question why you research what by which means,
  • to find common ground throughout the disciplines as well as contend peculiarities of particular approaches,
  • to consider strategies addressing the complexity of the challenges humanity is facing,
  • to discuss with like-minded people.

For that reason, proposals for cross-disciplinary symposia are preferred.

A symposium consists of one or more sessions. As usual, a session will last 90 minutes. You are free to choose a proper format for each session (and combine different formats for one symposium). Session formats can range from paper sessions to podiums to panels to round tables to workshops to open spaces etc.

Suggestions are welcome before 20 October (new deadline!) to wolfgang.hofkirchner at (pls, replace the character string “blank-a-t-blank” by the correct sign). They shall contain

  • the name(s) of the symposium chair(s),
  • the title of the symposium,
  • one paragraph of up to 200 words that lays out the content of what shall be discussed and how it refers to the overall theme,
  • a description of the format chosen,
  • and, if appropriate, a plan for the succession of sessions and/or events within a session.