Symposium A. Physical and Metaphysical Aspects of Systems after Morin. Invited papers. Iryna Dobronravova and Rainer E. Zimmermann

Symposium B. Evolution Throughout the Sciences and Humanities. Invited papers. Werner Callebaut, Rudolf Hanel, and Manuel Wäckerle

Symposium C. Systemic Approaches to Regional Disasters. Call for papers. Gerhard Chroust, Nadine Sturm

Symposium D. Cybernetics of Country Development. Call for papers. Paul Ballonoff and Tatiana Medvedeva, and Stuart Umpleby

Symposium E. Cybernetics of …: Reciprocity and Reflexivity in Cybernetic Thinking. Call for papers. Ranulph Glanville and Karl Müller

Symposium F. Fourth International Symposium on Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation (ABModSim-4). Call for papers. Stefania Bandini, Paolo Petta and Giuseppe Vizzari

Symposium G. Observing Luhmann. Call for papers. Eva Buchinger and Manfred Füllsack

Symposium H. Stability and Adaptivity in Networks. The Exploitation/Exploration-Trade-off. Call for papers. Manfred Füllsack (and N.N.)

Symposium I. Professional Systemics. Call for papers. Nikitas Assimakopoulos and Dimitrios Varsos

Symposium J. How to Integrate Language, Meaning and Mind with Cybernetic-Systemic Theories of Information? Call for papers. Søren Brier

Symposium K. Urban Systems Research. Call for papers. J. Alexander Schmidt and Christian Walloth

Symposium L. Self-* Systems – Biological Foundations and Technological Applications. Call for papers. Vesna Sesum-Cavic, Wilfried Elmenreich and Carlos Gershenson

Symposium M. The Past, Present and Future of Cybernetics and Systems Research. Round table. Carlos Gershenson

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Symposium N. Complexity and Management: from the Concept of Innovation to Social Responsibility. Round table, Helena Knyazeva, and Call for papers, Matjaz Mulej, Zdenka Zenko, Gerald Steiner, Filippina Risopoulos, Elvis Kenik, and Stuart Umpleby

Symposium O. Dichotomies in Systems Biology. Octavian discussion and Call for papers. Joris van Poucke and Veli-Pekka Parkkinen

Symposium P. Cognitive Relativity, Rationality and Clarity. Call for papers. Irina Ezhkova

Symposium Q. How to Manage Human Organisations in a Crisis Context. Systemic Theoretical Knowledge Applied to Practical Action. Guy Koninckx, Claude Lambert, Rafael Lostado Bojó, Alexandre Makarovitsch, Andrée Piecq, Valérie Renault, Maria Sanz, and Anne Steenhout

Symposium R. Ludwig von Bertalanffy: A Reappraisal of his Theoretical Biology. Invited speakers. Werner Callebaut and Dan Nicholson

Symposium S. Design and Self-Organization in the Emergence of Effective Organizations. Call for papers. Raul Espejo

Symposium T. Enabling Organizations for Thrivability: New Perspectives on Form, Structure and Process in favor of Human and Societal Prosperity. Call for Papers. Stefan Blachfellner, Violeta Bulc, Thomas Fundneider, Alexander Laszlo

Symposium U. Global Crisis: Transitory Exogenous Shock or Unavoidable System Dynamics? Podium. Manuel Wäckerle