emcsr 2016 avantgarde meetings! It was a pleasure!

1st edition of the new emcsr is over!
We are glad and grateful!

Thanks to the enthusiasm of all participants, of the audience,
the young researchers and the established ones the emcsr avantgarde
meetings 2016 were successful!

There were three exciting days filled with presentations, conversations,
lively workshops as well as continuing wonderful meetings next to the programme
with a result we wished and that makes us optimistic.
Attendees, speakers, scientists from various disciplines met, talked and experienced
a productive time together. The Systems Science and Systems Design Community developed and expanded in a fresh way in the framework of the new emcsr avantgarde meetings. That is a great pleasure!

We are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Ludwig von Bertalanffy

Young Scientist Award, Daniel Dick, Student at the Department of Anthropology
at the University of Vienna, with his contribution ‘Overcoming Misunderstandings Between Cultural and Scientific Systems of Knowledge’.

We congratulate, wish him all the best and hope to stay in touch!

Once again we want to thank all of you who participated in the meetings,
whether on-site or online, during the preparations, as a reviewer, as a mentor,
as a donor, as an impetus or as a staff member supporting the realisation.

Promising meetings are behind us and already now we can’t wait to continue!


Let’s inspire!
Let’s maintain the new emcsr avantgarde network!
We are looking forward to you, the scientific talents of our time!

The emcsr avantgarde team keeps you up-to-date!


Warm Regards from Vienna

Stefan Blachfellner
Managing Director Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science

Mag. Tess Marja Werner
Project Management & Curator emcsr avantgarde

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