Jifa- Gu.Jifa Gu is Professor of Operations Research and Systems Engineering at the Institute of Systems Science, Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is Vice-president of the International Academy of Systems and Cybernetics Sciences. He had been the President of Systems Engineering Society of China, and the President of International Federation for Systems Research.

He had been a Professor in the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology for four years and had visited more than 30 ountries, such as UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Austria, Russia, Canada etc. Gu graduated from Peking University majoring computing mathematics and got his Ph. D in USSR Academy of Sciences majoring Operations Research.

He has published 200 papers and more than 30 books and proceedings. His interests are inventory, optimization, MCDM, Systems engineering and Systems methodology, and Knowledge science. In 1994 he had proposed the Wuli-Shili-Renli System Approach with Dr. Zhu Zhichang in the centre for Systems Studies, University of Hull. He pays much attention to the applications of OR and SE, which cover a lot of fields in energy, water resource, regional development, global change, DSS, various evaluations in projects and organizations, social system and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Link to  http://meta-synthesis.iss.ac.cn/kss2011/gu.html

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