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The new issue of Systema celebrates the EMCSR

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Systema, the open-access journal now published quarterly by the BCSSS.  Systema is the official journal of the EMCSR, and in anticipation of the EMCSR 2014 due to start

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The EMCSR 2014 programme is finalised

The EMCSR programme is finalised and we are happy to welcome over 200 registered participants in a few days in Vienna. Please download the overall programme schedule at The Book of Abstracts as well as the detailed programme folder

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After the meeting is before the meeting

EMCSR 2012 Grouppicture

Dear Participants and Attendees, we are excited about the success of the EMCSR 2012. What a great meeting it was. We´d like to take this opportunity to again express our thanks to you for making this event a unique experience.

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Last-Minute News & Updates for EMCSR 2012!

  1. Bertalanffy Center awards prize to Edgar Morin In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of complexity thinking, the Bertalanffy Center will award a prize to Edgar Morin. The award ceremony will take place at the forthcoming

One Week Until EMCSR 2012: News and Updates for Participants and Attendees

>> This is a message from Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Chair of the EMCSR 2012 << Dear Participants and Attendees, this year’s EMCSR is coming closer, only a few more days until we all gather in Vienna. With this, I would like

Behind the Scenes: Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science

We would like to introduce you to our partner and main organizer of the 2012 meetings and provide you with some background information: Realising the global challenges of today and the resulting need for systems theory in 2004, the BCSSS

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Welcome to the EMCSR Blog!

This is the official place for updates on the conference, background stories about our partners, supporters and speakers, news in the field of cybernetics and systems research as well as lots of other interesting content with regard to the EMCSR

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