One Week Until EMCSR 2012: News and Updates for Participants and Attendees

>> This is a message from Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Chair of the EMCSR 2012 <<

Dear Participants and Attendees,

this year’s EMCSR is coming closer, only a few more days until we all gather in Vienna. With this, I would like to pass on some relevant news and information to take with you next week.

Stefan Blachfellner and I produced a program in PDF format for your convenience. You can download it here. You don’t need to print it off, as you will be provided with a copy when you register on location in person next week.

We were able to add another Symposium U. Austrian economy experts will discuss the economic crises of today in a systems perspective.

Last minute changes to the schedule will be announced via updates on the website.

As you might already know, all confirmed presentations are available online. We would like to ask you to prepare yourself by reading those presentations that are scheduled in the same track, as we feel it would facilitate discussions.

Robert Bichler is in the process of creating the book of abstracts. We would kindly ask you to help him finalize it. He will address you personally, in case something is not quite right with your abstract or if information is missing.

Have a look at the “venue” part on our website. This will help you find your way. There are also some suggestions for visiting other places in and around Vienna, if time allows.

Registration opens at 8 am on Tuesday April 10th. However, there will be the possibility for those arriving later to make use of late registration at 10 am (after the opening event). You can find registration times for the following days in the program.

And lastly, outside guests are welcome to join the social event. Tickets can be purchased at the registration desk.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions!

Wishing you a pleasant journey!

Best Regards,

Wolfgang Hofkirchner

Chair of EMCSR 2012