Strong response to the Call for Symposia

honey bee queen with paint marking surrounded by worker beesThe deadline for suggestions to organise specific Symposia under the overall theme of the EMCSR 2014 has passed. There was a high participation in suggesting tracks. 39 letters of intent were received from individuals or groups representing a variety of different communities of academics or practitioners.

11 proposals are dealing rather with foundatios regarding concepts, theories and methods; 17 are rather applications-oriented; and 3 might work as bridges between basic research and practice. 5 proposed Symposia might even serve as showcases for plenary sessions.

Most of the suggestions revolve around sustainability and development, a second thread is about complexity and strategies and a third focuses on emergence and design.

In contradistinction to the EMCSR 2012, the floor is open to approaches that do not qualify themselves only as systemic but rather use different wordings to reflect transdisciplinarity in theory and practice.

Again, the geographical origin of the proposals goes beyond the European Union; it includes Russia, the Ukraine, Turkey, Israel and Palestine, Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, Argentina and the United States. Besides, there is a strong participation by Austrian Universities.

The task ahead is to co-ordinate the proposals such that a big picture can emerge. In order to do that overlappings have to be identified, adaptations have to be made and even proposals need to be rejected due to the big number of submissions. The initiators are contacted for negotiations about needful changes or concretisations.

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