PhD Day submission deadline 14 February! Symposia submission deadline 28 February!

marked swarm xxBefore Christmas 2013 we could put the bulk of the Calls for papers 2014 online. Since 20 December the call for the PhD Colloquium and Award has been open. Three calls for papers for Symposia will follow soon.

Three themes appeared:

I. Sustainability and Development

II. Emergence and Design

III. Complexity and Strategy

Each theme contains Symposia that  to a greater or lesser extent share the following foci:

A. Applications

B. Bridges

C. Concepts

The themes are intertwined. The discussion will show that the definition of sustainability and sustainable development will need revision by making reference to emergence and complexity. Global challenges are interconnected, so are different issues of increasing the stability of social systems. Recent literature on resilience points in that direction. – Emergentism has become the sine qua non of modern thinking in systems. Bertalanffy’s draft of a General Systems Theory paved the way for adopting new concepts. What is essential of a post-Bertalanffian systemics? What paths did other strands of systemics take up to now? How can emergence be harnessed for the design of social systems and technology and for particular products and services? – Are our educational systems ready for the challenges of complexity? What is the reason for transdisciplinary studies and how can they be implemented? Professional life is more and more challenged by complexity. Systems management and systems engineering have to cope with the fact that the development of techno-social systems is as complex an issue as the functioning of natural systems is. – These are only some of the concrete topics to be on the agenda of EMCSR 2014.

The final date for submissions to the PhD Day is 14 February. An extended abstract has to be submitted. Submitters who pass the first review process carried out by Alexander Laszlo (ISSS), Pierre Bricage (IASCYS) and Peter Fleissner (BCSSS) are invited to submit a full paper before the conference. They are selected to take part in the competition for the Ludwig von Bertalanffy Young Scientist Award (€ 1.000,00). Read more…

The final date for submissions for all other Symposia is 28 February (if not indicated otherwise). Submissions consist of extended abstracts as well. The Symposium Chairs are in charge of the review process. (Full papers are called for only after the conference and will be selected for publication in systema. connecting matter, life, culture and technology.) Read more…

No final date will be extended. As in 2012, we will make use of the Open Conference System for handling the abstracts. You are requested to submit your abstracts only via that platform and to use the template provided. The platform is adapted, the link is set active. All accepted abstracts will be published online in the Book of Abstracts.

Besides Symposia that will have paper sessions and thus calls for papers, there will be a number of Symposia that will have a different format. Any participant of the EMCSR 2014 is invited to be part of them. One Symposium will introduce a method of involving stakeholders (not only) of developing countries on a regional scale in systemic thinking. Another will discuss a solution of the conflict in Middle East on a systemic basis with representatives of both Israeli and Palestinian sides. A film will reveal the myth of the population boom. The titles of the symposia, demonstrations, and keynotes will be put online one by one.

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