Getting to Know…EMCSR Speakers Part III

This is part three of our “Getting to know…” series, in which we invite you to learn more about our speakers and participants. You can find Part 1 presenting some of our keynote speakers here and Part 2 here.

The speaker profiles include interesting background information, as well as answers to questions we asked them about their fields of research. They is a great opportunity for everyone who recently attended EMCSR 2012 to learn more about our speakers and the topics of our meetings, cybernetics and systems research, from individual standpoints.

We hope you enjoy the blogpost series and welcome any feedback you might have!


Alexander Laszlo

American systems scientist, known as co-founder and President of Syntony Quest and former Director of the Doctoral Program in Management at the Graduate School of Business Administration & Leadership, Mexico. He is also President-Elect of the International Society for the Systems Sciences.

“I am fascinated by what Cybernetics/systems research/systems theory can teach me about how to dance with the process of emergence, how to flow the universe into existence in all that I do and am.”

Symposium T. Chair




Violeta Bulc

Founder and director of Vibacom Ltd., expert on balanced sustainable development strategies, organic growth and innovation ecosystems.

“I am curious how much we are influenced by cycles of a higher systems and how much influence we have as individuals on the process of co-creation of more complex systems in the Universe, as well as on those on the Earth”

Symposium T. Chair




Thomas Fundneider

Founder and CEO of theLivingCore, specializing in the areas of strategy, innovation and transformation. Member of the Board of the Austrian chapter of the PDMA, the world’s largest support organization for product development and innovation.

Symposium T. Chair

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