Getting to Know…EMCSR Keynote Speakers

In order to familiarize yourself a bit with some of the speakers and participants at this year’s meetings, we’re providing you with a series of in-depth profiles. They include valuable background information, links for further reading and interesting interviews.

This first part introduces you to some of our keynote speakers. We hope they put you into the mood of the conference and motivate you to get to know the speakers in person in a few weeks!

(Click on the names to be directed to the individual profiles)

Ervin László
Club of Budapest and Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University
Topic: Information and Coherence in Nature and the Cancer of Human-World Incoherence




Péter Csermely
Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
Topic: Crisis responses and crisis management: what can we learn from biological networks?




Merrelyn Emery
Department of Applied Human Sciences, Concordia University, Montreal, and Fred Emery Institute, Melbourne
Topic: Ross Ashby Memorial Lecture: Open or closed systems – Bridging the gap




Péter Érdi
Complex Systems Studies, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, and Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
Forty years in Biocybernetics. Luigi Ricciardi memorial lecture


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