Violeta Bulc

Violeta Bulc, founder and director of Vibacom Ltd., expert on balanced sustainable development strategies, organic growth and innovation ecosystems. She believes in the power of networks, holistic individual, and positive energy.

She has received 8 national awards for business innovations, as well as, together with her clients, 5 national FENIKS Awards for consulting projects (2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010). As entrepreneur she gets invited to different EU strategy and action groups. She is a member of management and supervisory boards of several professional associations (UN Chapter of Global Compact in Slovenia, Manager Association, Umanotera, and Chamber of Service Providers of Slovenia).

She is a president of the Supervisory Board of Global Compact Slovenia, a president of the Management Board of Umanotera, a member of the Management Board of “Change The Game” global initiative, a member of the Management Board of the Association of Management Consulting of Slovenia, a member of management Board of Slovenian Entrepreneurs Association, a member of the Board of Slovene Science Foundation, a member of the Council of Innovative Slovenia at the National Council of Slovenia, a member of the Program Advisory Board for the “” project, a member of the Program Advisory Board of Stanford Research Center of Innovation and Communication at Stanford University, and an outspoken promoter of its mission in the Balkan region, and a member of different conference program committees.

Among her special achievements is initialization and coordination of “InCo movement” which is an civilian initiative, connecting Slovenian professional community, as well as, systematically raising the awareness on innovation among youth ( With partners she initiated 8 national rewards for innovation communication and journalism, and 4 yearly conferences on innovation: InLoCom (innovative local community), Innovation in education, InCo (innovation communication) conference, and InJo workshop for journalists and PR professionals.

Ms. Bulc is an author of a popular business book “Ritmi poslovne evolucije”, and co-author of several other professional publications and books. She is also a co-author of TV business series “Poslovni Ritmi«. She regularly contributes her thoughts and comments to local media on organic growth of organizations, progressive sustainable models, innovation ecosystems, and social entrepreneurship. She runs blog on innovation (

She is a professor at DOBA University on Innovative and Innovation Management. She received an award for the lecturer of the year by the student vote.


 1. Can you briefly describe your field of research?

My primary interest is to understand interactions between an individual and a structure/system. What makes them behave in a sustainable manner: tools, conditions, enablers, sources, individual and group behavior. My current focus are innovation ecosystems.

2. What fascinates you about cybernetics/systems research/system theory?

How far can we take it? Will the low of nature support or reject the man made systems and the diversification we have created? I am also curious how much are we influenced by cycles of a higher systems and how much influence we have as individuals on the process of co-creation of more complex systems in the Universe, as well as on those on the Earth. And as far as the system theory is concern, it is great to be part of the transformation from an analytical/vertical approach to life and understanding of our reality, to a system approach; to see, understand and co-create from a holistic point of view.

3. Where do you see or would like to see the field heading? What changes would you like to see?

I will do everything I can, to encourage system approach and system thinking in all areas of our life. I find it much more real, natural. The fact is that we are all connected and related to each other. At the same time I am curios, how long will it take for the system approach to prevail as the mainstream thinking. I hope for a fresh, new approach to life, understanding who and what we are. I hope that the system thinking will make this world much more pleasant and more sustainable place.

4. What impact does your field of research have on society? What practical application for society does it have? Do you see practical applications in your own life? Can you give examples?

I believe that the last six years of systematic approach to the evolution of innovation ecosystems, has created some important understanding about the behavior of innovation ecosystems. We have defined several models, tools and methodologies for augmentation of innovation ecosystems in a sustainable manner:

Many officially recognized organizational, business and social innovations are just one small manifestation of our efforts. Yet more important ones are practical manifestations of those innovations in organizations (corporate environments, NGOs, governmental structures) and on a level of local communities. They open up new ways of value creation, manifestation of core competences and values for the benefit of an individual, group, community and society as a whole (,, ). I am really happy to see that our work makes a difference for many people. Makes them happier and creates a safer place for people to manifest the good within.

5. What’s a scholar/writer, whose work inspires you in your own work?

So many of them that it is hard to even name them. I read a lot, discuss the point of interest with many people, watch movies, video productions so many brilliant minds, artists, scholars, entrepreneurs, farmers, students, children, friends, that I have interacted with or that I share my life with, have contributed to my conceptual thinking. I have been just really blessed with experiences, opportunities, and stories. My biggest inspiration is life itself.

Please answer the three questions regarding your responsibility with one of the organizations within the systems movement.

1. What does the Change the Game Initiative & our co-operation with the InCo movement (!) mean to you?

These are two wonderful platforms, open communities, where I meet people that seek answers beyond the known. Where the boundaries of known are challenged all the time. Where different minds and energies can meet on a level of respect, trust and free will. Locally, regionally, globally.

2. Why should other people show interest in the Change the Game Initiative & InCo? What will they experience or learn?

All off the above… and more… because every new member expends our universe and increases the level of diversity, bushes the edge a bit further.

3. What is your current position or responsibility with the Change the Game Initiative & InCo?

I am a member of the Supervisory Board of the Change the Game Initiative and also the initiator and a Supervisory Board member of the InCo movement.


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