New issue of Systema and Call for Full Papers EMCSR 2014

systema logoWe are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Systema, the official journal of the EMCSR. With this issue of Systema we celebrate the occasion and the success of the 2014 meetings. This issue focuses on Awards and Invited Papers, and it will be followed by further special issues presenting selected peer-reviewed papers from the EMCSR 2014.

Visit Systema and read the 2014 keynote address delivered by Prof. Mario Bunge and the Laudatio of Prof. Zimmermann on the occasion of the prestigious Ludwig von Bertalanffy Prize in Complexity Thinking awarded to Mario Bunge, as well as Prof. Schwaninger´s Rosh Ashby Lecture on “Organizing for Sustainability”, furthermore the award winning paper by Katri-Liisa Pulkkinen on “A bottom-up way of building a system and changing perceptions – urban pioneers as a model for transformation for sustainability”, and the theme speeches by Pierre Bricage, Yagmur Denizhan, and Gary Metcalf.

Call for Full Papers EMCSR 2014

If you have attended the EMCSR 2014 and want to be included in one of the 2015 issues of Systema with your full paper we heartly invite you to register at Systema, read the Guidelines for Authors, download the Systema template, submit to Systema under the section Special Issue EMCSR, and compete in and be inspired by the peer review of our renowed international editorial board and reviewers.

We will publish further foused issues, but if your paper is ready to be published after peer reviews and copy editing we are also able to publish it with the service of DOI in an early view issue beginning in 2015. Please be aware that Systema is a full open access medium, thus we need the support of the authors during the whole production process. You do not have to pay any publishing fee, nor does the reader pay to access your inspirng work, we even do not gain your copyright, your work is still avaliable to you at any time for any further publishing under a creative commons license, but we need to reserve our right to reject papers which do not comply to our author guidelines.

We are looking forward to promote your work further more with Systema and the EMCSR social media channels. Stay connected and engaged in the European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research community.

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