Don’t miss the Date!! 19th February 2016!

Systems Science meets philosophy, science, engineering, economy, design, and art!

Join the interplay and attend emcsr avantgarde 2016, the 1st pop up conference in the field of Systems Science and Systems Design in Vienna, from March 30th to April 1st, 2016!




Get recognized through an INTERNATIONAL PEER REVIEW by renowned experts!

Get in contact with and become one of the FUTURE SCIENCE LEADERS!

Get published in our exclusive emcsr 2016 BOOK!


FutureVision!? Which life do we want?
Tell us what you think! What are we able to co-create for future oriented life concepts and thrivable ecologies, a flourishing planet, meaningful technologies and a futurable humanity?


Visit the Call for Submissions for more details…


Don’t miss the date!
Calls for extended abstracts are open until 19th February, 2016!


Looking forward to welcome you in Vienna soon!


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