World Evolutionary Learning Tribe

The World Evolutionary Learning Tribe is a living case of systemic sustainability (aka, thrivability) using a System of Systems (SoS) approach.  It is a living example of an exploration of ways in which emerging technologies in the domain of social networking can serve to augment synergies among and between disparate initiatives seeking to foster conditions for a thrivable planet.

The World Evolutionary Learning Tribe initiative was curated through preparations and demonstrations of the 57th Annual Meeting and Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) — Today a total of seven Regional Evolutionary Learning Tribes world wide are curated, thus completing global coverage of the major geo-cultural areas represented in the World Evolutionary Learning Tribe.

While in any given RELTribe (regional), there will definitely be a great degree of cultural diversity, there is still a distinct Weltanschauung shared among the peoples of each region of the world — a cosmo-vision that is different from that found in the six other RELTribes.  The Thrive Tribes that are forming here amount to a “system of systems”, though in this case it is specifically a community of communities, organized according to a fractal, embedded, emergent and recursive design, as illustrated by the following diagram:

World Evolutionary Learning Tribe

The focus of everything is the Specific Initiatives in systemic sustainability (glocal thrivability) all over the world.  When a local collection of these initiatives begins to interact and explore how they can benefit each other (through confluence and synergy), there emerges the first meta-level community: the Local Evolutionary Learning Tribe (LELTribe).  The collection of LELTribes that comprise a given geo-cultural region forms the next level up as a community of communities; the RELTribe, which is a community of LELTribes.  The RELTribes form the highest level community of communities, and together, comprise the WELTribe (global).

We have local catalyst coordinators who curate learning conversations at the LELTribe level.  They create a profile of the Specific Initiatives in their local area and share the “offers and needs” of these initiatives as a basic description of the thrivability profile of their area.  The coordinator of each RELTribe collects this information and stimulates exchanges that link offers with needs and at the same time provides a broader thrivability profile of the geo-cultural region.  The general coordinator of all the RELTribes receives this information and brings it to the Core Coordinating Circle (CCC) as well as helping coordinate lessons learned and best practices among and between the seven RELTribes.

The CCC serves to facilitate all of the above through the various communities of the WELTribe Organizing Community (WELToc), as represented by the following diagram:

World Evolutionary Learning Tribe Design

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