Unity through diversity: learning in a complex world


José María Díaz Nafría (Universidad de León)
Rainer E. Zimmermann (University of Applied Science Munich)


Paper sessions

Call for papers

The problems accumulated by our contemporary societies has broken the traditional cast of the sciences. From the cabinets of the specialized professional and scientific disciplines we find few solutions to the challenges our society is facing within the finitude of our earth ecosystem; but even within very restrictive contexts the linear paradigm of modernity, as an analytical tool to tackle problems, is challenged by the very fact that even smalls parts of reality are much more complex than what linear models sketch. After a century of fundamental findings showing us that non-linearity, and complexity are spread all over reality, why is our academic and education system still casted by the positivist taxonomy of knowledge? Shouldn’t we bridge the sciences, create the conditions to learn and investigate the different aspects of reality, the swarm of connections constituting it? By doing it, would not we create the conditions to educate for reflecting the world, acting upon it, leveraging the transformations of the world towards a horizon of more decent life?

In a first stage we would share knowledge through presentations, opening discussion for deliberating about fundamental aspects of the trans-disciplinary organization of academia and science (approaches, integration of natural and social sciences, integrations of the arts, ethics, social practice…). Finally, the creation of a joint project for the promotion of transdisciplinary studies (http://primer.unileon.es) will be discussed.

Target groups

Anybody interested in setting up transdisciplinary studies; bridging the sciences, research and social issues.