Systemic consulting


Louis Klein (Systemic Excellence Group, Berlin, Germany)


Paper sesssion and panel discussion

Call for Papers

Since the world is learning about systemic problems, the idea of providing systemic solutions in consulting and advisory became some extra public attention. Yet, what are we looking at today if we revisit systemic consulting?

Systems sciences as such have taken a few paradigmatic turns over the years. How was this reflected in the disciplinary set of models, methods and instruments of systemic consulting? What are the trends? Where does the community of practice go?

Complexity is an issue. Yet, the reduction of complexity makes systems fragile. The way to resilience embarks on Ashby’s law of requisite variety. Hence meeting complexity seems to be one of the critical challenges of systemic consulting. What are promising approaches to do so in theory and practice of systemic consulting?

And finally systemic practices have always called for a more holistic and integrating attitude. For this they are acknowledged by those communities working towards global responsibility of human action. What could the contribution of systemic consultants to globally responsible practices look like?

This symposium therefore aims at bringing together the practitioners in the field of systemic consulting to reflect on the development of the field, the current state and discuss the future of globally responsible consulting and advisory practices.

Target groups

Systemic consultants, practitioners prefered