Resilience, attractors and graceful degradation


Manfred Füllsack and
Ulrike Gelbmann
(University of Graz, Austria)


Paper sessions

Call for papers

Resilience has become a widely used term in systems sciences, spanning beyond Holling’s original distinction of ecological and engineering resilience. Today, interest for the absorption and recovering capacity of a system in case of perturbations concerns a wide range of phenomena, from market and monetary systems, via animal and human social organizations, environmental and climate conditions up to all sorts of technical systems and networks. In particular research in the latter suggests the concept of attractors as an important indicator for whether a system is resilient or not. The inner and outer form of an attractor basin seems to allow inferences about recovery rates or, if resilience is lost, about how graceful the degradation of a system can be.

Target groups

Scientists and practitioners interested in conditions of stability and robustness of systems.

This panel invites scientists from all disciplines interested in aspects of resilience, attractors or graceful degradation to contribute a presentation. In order to account for the transdisciplinarity of the issue, we ask to present talks – in particular those with a technical background – in overly comprehensible and explicable form.