Methods for whole economic systems change


Manfred Blachfellner (Innsbruck (AT) Change the Game Initiative, and International Controller Association’s “Ideenwerkstatt” (Germany), and Economy for the Common Good Association)


Presentations, invited speakers

Call for Papers

During this symposium, we will present theoretical and practical knowledge on systemic change of economic systems – especially with regard to small and medium sized organisations – and illustrate how it can translate into an effective way to open up new perspectives and potentials.

We will illustrate why the shift to systemic thinking of all the stakeholders involved is crucial in changing economic systems in a sustainable way. Honesty and integrity in communicating values, ethics and paradigms are central for change processes; therefore, all stakeholders need to be part of the process. This ensures all aspects – economic, social and ecological – are taken into account. Key is not just the innovative use of existing knowledge, but also the generation of new knowledge, to allow handling complex challenges of whole economic system change.

  • Understanding systemic thinking: why is it necessary to change the whole and not only parts of the economic system
  • The systemic approach and company principles, vision & mission – its advantages compared
    to ‘traditional’ ways forward
  • Systemic approaches to marketing
  • Systemic approaches to CSR – practical examples
  • Systemic approaches in political areas towards change into sustainability
  • Systemic approaches to dealing with wicked problems and change-processes.

Target groups

Entrepreneurs, governmental officers, economists, business economists, organizational and community developer, systemic consultants and academics