Impacts for Sustainability: Epistemology & Research Activism


Dino Karabeg, (University of Oslo and Knowledge Federation)
Alexander Laszlo (Organization Systems Renewal)



Call for Participation

For many years systems scientists were considered theorists, people who had the know-what and know-how as well as the know-why to understand and describe complexity.  But contemporary approaches to social-systemic evolution expand the domain of competency to include care-why and care-how considerations.  Fundamental insights produced in the systems sciences have the potential to ‘change the world’ — provided they can be made more widely known and applied in practice.

Through the power of knowledge media, researchers draw upon an augmented range of communications skills, materials, practices and tools to bring these systemic insights to broader attention. The critical offer of action oriented systems scientists of today for tomorrow lies in emerging ways to communicate and interconnect real world initiatives in systemic sustainability through information technologies that break the barriers of time and space.

The workshop “Impacts for sustainability” will explore and begin to develop systems of systems (SoS) capable of

  1. synthesizing high-consensus and high-impact understanding/learning/innovation relating to systemic sustainability (aka, thrivability) from various parts of the world, and
  2. seeding these crystallized experiences in the public sphere through information and communication technologies.

Target groups

Scientists, humanists, technologists, artists and all those interested in exploring how to interconnect inspirational initiatives in systemic sustainability both locally and globally.


Participants should submit a short abstract describing briefly their area of work or expertise and include a short bio-narrative in order to have their name on the participant list for the workshop. Please use the abstract template so that it can be included in the Book of Abstracts of the conference.