Emergent Design


Martin FössleitnerGesellschaft für angewandtes Informationsdesign mbH
Thomas Fundneider, theLivingCore



Call for Participation

In the past, design was mostly related to products, or –more recently– to services. Furthermore, the main activity of designers was “beautification” of the product or the service. As a consequence, design has been regarded as something finished – the user may like and use it, or not. Recent definitions put the focus on the design process. Contemporary approaches see design as a platform or mediator for social interactions.

Design which triggers interactions and acts as an incubator for future activities is no longer a static manifest, but a very dynamic system. It is the result of the participating people and the context, so that the outcome is in many cases unpredictable, unexpected and open.

Soichiro Fukutake calls it “Use what exists to create what is to be”. In this workshop we will build on the foundations of systems sciences by the following attitudes and frameworks:

  • Awareness through observation of surrounding elements
  • Exploring an attitude of enabling
  • Assets and capabilities combined with the skills and knowledge how to detect potentialities and develop concepts and solutions

The workshop “Emergent design” will cover design/innovation methods and tools of exploration, participation and testing. The participants will work on a selected case/problem/etc. and will be guided by the workshop chairs putting the mentioned methods and tools into practice.

Target groups

Anyone with the willingness to change existing situations/solutions into preferred ones and a passion for social interaction for the sake of contributing to a better world.


Participants should submit a short abstract describing briefly their area of work or expertise and include a short bio narrative in order to have their name on the participants list of the workshop. Please use the abstract template so that it can be included in the Book of Abstracts of the conference.