Crossroads of civilization from a synergetic point of view


Iryna Dobronravova (Philosophy and Methodology of Science, Kiev Shevchenko National University)


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Synergetic methods in the function of tools for investigating modern civilisation as a complex nonlinear self-organizing system reveal the opportunity to regard its crossroads as special (bifurcation) points. The base of philosophical foundations for applying such methods lies in developing the heritage of classical philosophy, Hegelian dialectics in particular, and providing a realistic reinterpretation in the new synergetic context.

This means that we can comprehend the new possibilities discovered in critical (bifurcation) points as emergence of new real necessities containing chances, which are eventually chosen or realised by human efforts. So, we can try to investigate a number of possible or credible scenarios of the future development in different areas of human activity, including technological, economical, political, and cultural systems. Influence of the latter type of systems could be understood in synergetic ways as the control parameters governing the processes of social self-organization. Hence, personal efficiency and personal social responsibility can define a vector of such self-organization.

Thus, the response of systems studies to the crisis of civilization and its manifestation in culture can consist in examining possible optional ways of development, while their responsibility can be seen in evaluating those scenarios based on their desirability, with outlining the circumstances for the realization of the most optimal way. In particular, transdisciplinary synergetic methodology can set up appropriate educational strategies.

Target groups

The symposium is not limited to particular scientific disciplines and welcomes inter- and trans-disciplinary contributions, concerning human strategies in a complex world and their philosophical foundations.