Symposium H. Stability and Adaptivity in Networks. The Exploitation/Exploration-Trade-off (cancelled)

This symposium was cancelled.

Chair(s): Manfred Füllsack, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria (, and N.N.)

Paper presentations and roundtable discussion

Complex adaptive systems can be regarded as an answer to the problem of
simultaneously being stable enough to maintain identity in a given
environment and of being adaptive enough to survive changes of this
environment. In other words, systems have to maintain the
exploitation/exploration-trade-off, meaning that systems have to optimize
the ability to exploit their status quo and to explore alternative options
at the same time.

This symposium will focus on conditions, examples and implications of this
trade-off and on means and methods, in particular network theory and
network analysis, to analytically grasp it.

The symposium will present a mix of invited and selected papers.