Symposium D. Cybernetics of Country Development

Chairs: Paul Ballonoff, Ballonoff Consulting, Alexandria (VA), USA, and Tatiana Medvedeva, Siberian State University of Transport, Novosibirsk, Russia, and Stuart Umpleby, The George Washington University, Washington DC, USA

Call for papers

The Cybernetics of Country Development sessions are a long standing part of the EMCSR.  Cybernetics from its inception has sought to treat problems of public policy, often implying actions of countries. At the period of transition from the Soviet system, EMCSR hosted several sessions that focused especially on mechanisms of the transition.  Cybernetics itself has not shied from analysis that implies predictions, which in turn imply policy. If cybernetics and systems analysis is to be more than just  descriptive analysis, but a serious foundation for policy … for prescription of action that is taken seriously and relied upon … then it must also be able to ask if the predictions are correct, and, as for any science, be able to change its methods when better forecasts are required. The EMCSR session on Country Systems has the dual objectives of accurately describing country development, and also, finding, if it is possible to find, a foundation for a reliable science of forecasting paths of, and thus successfully aiding, country development.

The symposium will present a mix of invited and selected papers.



  • Tatiana Alekseevna Medvedeva (Novosibirsk): Applying a Method of Extended System Analysis to Country Development
  • Natalia Igorevna Guseva (Moscow): Cross-Cultural Synergy as Management Innovation for Increasing Multinational Companies’ Competitiveness
  • Stuart Umpleby (Washington): Graduate Programs for Developing Countries