A multidimensional “economía amable”: co-creating desirable futures


Silvia Zweifel and
Mechthild Adameit (Economía Amable group, Grupo de Estudio de Sistemas Integrados/GESI)



  1. Group meeting deliberating a “desirable-future scenario” going beyond current tendencies
  2. Interaction and exchange of approaches, experiences and goals as outlined in the participants’ submissions

Call for papers

How to co-create desirable futures is the key issue of this meeting/workshop. Its purpose is to foster a renewal of concepts and practices in every field of activity.

A future scenario depicted in an essay of Silvia Zweifel will be used as a meta-space to engage in prospective imagination & spirited conversation. Some particularities of that desirable world will probably reflect participants’ current situation. Under that light each one will be encouraged to share his/her ideas and experiences. This will be a gathering to refresh creativity and enthusiasm, vitalizing a collaborative network, and perhaps engaging in joint projects.

To join the event, a vocation for conviviality, inclusive, thrivable world is recommended. Furthermore we would like you to write a short text in which way you are contributing to a desirable future and what are your expectations of our get together. Please come in comfortable clothing to be able to enjoy and move freely.

Target groups

People from all walks of life interested  in fostering significant changes in the local-regional-planetary dynamics. Particularly in education, finances, economy, politics, ecology.